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The Arctic Winter Games International Committee (AWGIC) has endeavoured to create a strong visual image for the Arctic Winter Games. By ensuring the consistent and proper application of the Arctic Winter Games Official Logo, the committee expects to significantly enhance positive public awareness of the event. The committee’s decision to require all host societies to use the Arctic Winter Games Official Logo for a particular set of games was made in this spirit.  The Arctic Winter Games Official Logo shall be the sole logo approved for each games.  Bid Committees and Host Societies may, with the prior written approval of the Arctic Winter Games International Committee, choose to add the location and/or year of the Games to the logo.


Since the Arctic Winter Games was first held in 1970, the event’s mission— to promote athletic competition, cultural exhibition and social interaction among Northerners—has always been symbolized by three interlocking rings. Over the years, the official logo has evolved to include a multi-coloured ribbon reminiscent of the Northern Lights or aurora borealis. Most recently, in 2003, the various elements of this logo were revised in order to remove design imperfections and simplify reproduction in all media.

At the same time, the Northern Lights were “put back in the night” by the addition of a black background bordered by a white circle that represents the circumpolar world. Finally, the original image of the interlocking rings was  re-introduced to the logo because of its strength.

Despite its bold new appearance and more user-friendly characteristics, the official logo retains the overall visual qualities that have made it such an enduring symbol of the North’s premier multi-sport and cultural event for youth.


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Digital Photos


The Arctic Winter Games website also contains an archive of digital images from previous games.

These photos may be used with the permission of the Arctic Winter Games International Committee.

All usage must be accompanied with the following credit: “AWGIC Archives.”


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